Instruction using the default graphical interface Unity.

   Needs to be installed by a user that is in the administrator group,
   the default user-type created while installing Ubuntu is such a user.

1. Open the directory containing the .tgz-archive with the file explorer.

2. Extract the archive by right-click on the file and choose "Extract Here".

3. Run the installer by locate the extract directory, it has the same name
   as the .tgz-archive but without the suffix, double click the file
   Choose "Run in Terminal"

   When prompted for password enter your login-password.

4. Seclave Import is now installed, start it by locate the dash-board on the
   dock (the top left icon).
   Enter Seclave in the search-field, and then the Seclave Import icon should
   show up in the Application category below.

5. Create shortcut to the dock by dragging the icon down to the dock.

Generic Linux installation

   Needs to be running from a user able to run sudo with the root privilege.

1. Extract the .tgz-archive somewhere:
   $ tar xvzf sec_import_XXXX.tgz

2. Enter the extracted directory and run install.sh
   $ cd sec_import_XXXX
   $ ./install.sh

   (enter your login password).

3. Run Seclave Import by running the command sec_import
   $ sec_import

   or by click the Seclave Import icon on the desktop icon
   in your application menu.